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Moments of pleasure
Stadtführung Nachtwächter
Stadtführung durch Bludenz

Experience Bludenz

You will be guided through Bludenz by enthusiastic people. During the theater city tour you will meet historical personalities from the history of Bludenz. Discover the medieval alpine town of Bludenz with its arcades and hear the stories that are hidden behind the walls. The night watchman tour is also something special. If you wish, you can also visit the tower of St. Laurentius - our neighbor. We will gladly book a guided tour for you.

Guided city tours

make space for culture

Art works in our hotel and cultural suggestions:


Art is not only a thing of beauty, it also stimulates the senses and thought processes. Here in the hotel we exhibit works of art on a regular basis. This is partly to pay tribute to art and our cultural heritage, but also because sensuality is important to us. In the Schlosshotel we exhibit works by artists from our immediate locality, and these same artists would be delighted to welcome you to their studios.


Bild Johan Jansen
Johan Jansen

Their art works are hanging in various parts of the hotel.  The Dutch artist works in his studio at the foot of the Schlossberg. He instils real poetry into his work, amply illustrated in our floral collection. In his latest work he focuses on using classic landscape painting (including Dutch) as a basis. With the sensuality of his use of colour elements he succeeds in adding an extra dimension of fantasy and daydreams.

To pre-arrange a studio visit please contact: or Tel +43 676 3785127

Johan Jansen


Christine Lederer Bildende Künstlerin

With the artwork labelled »to the sea« which is located in our basement, the artist is making a reference to a special moment which we can all share: the search for happiness and the pacification of the imagination. Lederer works with text and her sculptures progress to installations. Her themes are political, socially critical and feminist – they certainly provide food for thought.

The artist Christine Lederer shares a studio in the centre of Bludenz, together with 9 other artists.

To pre-arrange a studio visit please contact:



Christine Lederer

Visual artist & graphic designer