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Moments of pleasure
Bludenz Altstadt

Alpenstadt Bludenz

An affectionate look at the little town of Bludenz

Alpine Bludenz has a distinctive appeal of its own,
a charm which almost has an Italian feel to it.
But that’s hardly surprising - after all, we are the southernmost town in Vorarlberg!

What makes
Bludenz what it is
Oberes Tor Bludenz
Stadtkern Bludenz

In the old town the houses are all squashed in one beside the other, forming rows of narrow alleyways, and the shady arcades have their own special flair. Originally the old town of Bludenz was confined within the city walls, accessed only by four gates.  Two of these are still standing: the upper gate (left in the photo) and the lower gate.

Riedmiller Denkmal Bludenz

Bludenz, the district capital, is dominated by the church of St. Laurentius (left photo), as well as the Schlosshotel and Schloss Gayenhofen, which houses the district council offices. Our little town lies at the centre of five valleys:


Klostertal (towards the Arlberg, Braz Golf Club)
Montafon (renowned for its great ski areas)
Brandnertal (Golf, walking, biking and skiing)
Großes Walsertal (Biospären-Park) und dem
Walgau (towards Feldkirch)

Thanks to our location, it is an ideal base for all kinds of activities in the region. You will find facilities for skiing and walking, plus great trails for e-bike tours. This is the place to begin your Alpine Safari.


Klostertal: Bludenz/Braz Golf Club
Brandnertal: Brand Golf Club, Lünersee, Brandnertal ski area
Montafon: Montafon Golf Club, Silvretta-Nova ski area
Großes Walsertal: Seewaldsee/Fontanella
Walgau (towards Feldkirch): Montfort Golf Club, Walgau cycle track
The high alpine Arlberg region: Golf Arlberg
Bregenz: Lake Constance
Bregenzer Wald:  Bregenzer Wald Golf Park


Locals sometimes find it “sleepy“ here,
but we adore this idyllic spot, where peace, originality
and lots of hidden details are just waiting to be discovered. Life here has quality. Step outside the door to begin a walk, and in minutes can be breathing pure forest air. 


Did you know that our town sometimes exudes a delicious smell of chocolate?
This is thanks to the Suchard factory, which is located right next door to the station. Our guests can also visit a Milka shop, which is proving very popular.

Am Schloss Gayenhofen vorbei
Laubenaufgang zum Schlosshotel

Six routes from the hotel to the town.

There are six different ways of getting to the town from the Schlosshotel :

• the quickest and most direct route: take the first flight of steps to the left, next to Schloss Gayenhofen
• the covered staircase (righthand photo) – directly behind the church
• the horse steps next to the covered staircase (righthand photo): it gets its name from the horses who used it in earlier times
• the curvy stone steps to the left past Schloss Gayenhofen 
• the steps to the right beside the western church gate
• via the road

If the weather is fine we recommend the horse steps, if it’s wet choose the covered staircase.   You will pass a park bench located beneath a lovely tree: it’s the ideal spot to sit, take a break, and enjoy the superb view. Teenagers come here to snog, smoke and enjoy simply being young. Adults are old enough to make their own decisions....  

A gentle holiday


The fresh green forests are delightful in springtime; in late summer the mountains shimmer against the light. Hiking tracks, golf courses with mountain views, footpaths, lakes that invite you to linger; the Bludenz area offers a plethora of fabulous places to explore and discover.

Muttersberg, Hoher Fraßen
Tschengla Winteraktivität
Lünersee Brandnertal
The Lünersee

Located at an altitude of 1,970 metres at the end of the Brandner Valley, this lake offers a truly breathtaking alpine panorama. You can access it via the Lünersee cable car (open fom May to October).
This beautiful mountain lake is the starting point for a selection of walks.
Lünersee circuit: 1.5 to 2 hours walking time, an easy circular walk, 6.1 km
Refreshment options: Alpe Lünersee, Douglass Hütte